Wald und Wiese

if you want to taste the real Austrian high quality honey varieties you need to stop at one their three stores

Wald & Wiese – an exquisite address for lovers of honey and truffles…

For our customers we look for, and also find, the special, the best and the finest things on wild meadows and in unspoiled forests.
The results of our searching are the delicacies of Wald & Wiese made of honey and truffles. Wald & Wiese presents itself especially close to nature, sustainable and fair.
From fragrant, handmade candles made out of beeswax, organic honeys and other delicacies made of honey to cosmetics and dietary supplements, at Wald & Wiese you can find everything related to bees, even a honey bar with open fresh honeys.
Whether black or white – we sell truffles fresh or refined!
We receive our truffles from Giancarlo Zigante in Istria (Zigante tartufi), the most outstanding truffle farmer.
At Wald & Wiese butter, oils, pátés, cheese and fine gourmet spreads with truffles from the forests in Motuvun caress the senses of our customers.
At Wald & Wiese you can discover a lot of exquisite things:
Indulge in the world of Wald & Wiese and taste as many honey and truffle delicacies as you wish – we gladly provide you with advice!
All our products are of course in accord with the Austrian food law.
Furthermore, all our honeys are examined for residues of heavy metals and antibiotics (sulphonamides, sulfathiazole, tetracycline …) by the highest authority for the inspection of food in Austria, the Agentur für Lebensmittelsicherheit.

All the organic products that we produce and stock are examined by the Austria Bio Garantie in inspections that are not always announced before (Audits).

Royal Jelly | Comb Honey | Truffle specialities | Honey with Lavender, Thyme, Lime, Chestnut and more natural flavors | natural nutrition | Propolis | Manuka honey | etc.

Neubaugasse 26, 1070 Vienna (Near Mariahilferstrasse)
Kaiserstraße 33, 1070 Vienna
Wollzeile 19, 1010 Vienna (City Center, near Stephansplatz)

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