Nuruosmaniye Mosque

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It is considered one of the finest examples of mosques in Ottoman Baroque style. It was built by architects Mustafa Aga and a Greek minority architect, Simeon Kalfa on one of the seven hills of Istanbul. It was commissioned from the order of Sultan Mahmut I beginning in 1748 and completed by his brother and successor Sultan Osman III in 1755. The architects adopted Baroque architectural elements, the mosque is also distinctive with the absence of an ablution fountain. It was named Nuruosmaniye Mosque, meaning “The light of Osman”, after Osman III, but also because of its many windows which lets a lot of light inside the mosque’s hall. Nuruosmaniye Mosque is located near the entrance to the Kapal?carsi (Grand Bazaar), Column of Constantine and the historical Gazi Atik Ali Pasha Mosque.

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Molla Fenari Sokak
34110 istanbul TR
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