Halal City Guide is the worlds first and only printed halal guide and the most visited Muslim network on the Internet.

Our distribution channels are unique and we are the only one’s in this market with this capacities. The printed City Guides are distributed by the worlds leading airlines. Our partners are Etihad Airlines, Niki Airlines, Lufthansa, and Royal Jordanian.

Beside the opportunity to check the needed informations online, we reach our customers directly at their own location. Our Airline Partner are handing over the guides at the airports of muslim countries – of course for free. Additional to the airlines we are the only halal guide which are placed directly in the united nations, opec and embassies of muslim countries. Further the embassies of muslim countries are providing the halal guides too and hand out those for free to their people.

Halal City Guide was established in 2015 by former airliner only in one year we reached very positive returns for our business partners and record thousands of users – worldwide.

Our major user group are Muslims which are traveling for Business, Diplomatics, Medical Traveller and Tourist, from all over the world. But we also do have a lot of Airline employees, managers who are traveling a lot and need the information we provide as well as people from Europe who are traveling in muslim countries.

Halal City Guide provides free information service for everyone wherever they are.

We are supported by organizations like ATIB, Embassies and the Islamic Service Organisation based in Vienna and belongs to Austrian Government. As well as we enjoy the support from the Tourism Boards of the countries of Europe. And we are the only printed Halal Guide placed in the United Nations Vienna.

So want to reach an active Muslim audience with real purchasing power?

Advertise on the Halal City Guide network one of the most visited Muslim network on the Internet – supported with the printed version every 6 months in all Europe countries.

Muslims rank among the highest per-capita income communities and visitors to halalcityguide.com represent the cream of this crop – technology professionals, business travelers, and young urban Muslims with plenty of disposable income. For example, a large percentage our users access halalcityguide.com through their mobile phones. They are passionate about their community, the use of technology, and the quality of what they purchase – and you can best reach them here!

The add types that are available on Halalcityguide.com are ads show up on the sidebar throughout the site and the company register list.

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